Teaching of German at Hispi is offered in four groups:

  • Literacy / ABC group
    Here you can learn if you feel insecure when writing or reading the letters and would like to get more practice.
  • Low threshold courses aiming at level A 1
    Here, basic expressions and contexts are taught. It’s a good introduction into the German language.
  • Low threshold courses aiming at level A 2
    If you have already made some contacts with German and understand simple sentences and short texts, you will feel all right in this group.
  • Low threshold courses aiming at level B 1
    The participants here have perhaps already attended other courses and would like to practice and, above all, talk more. The texts are more demanding already.

Courses at the moment

Contact our team for more details.

Starting at 10:00 o’clock

10:00 – Group 1
10:00 – Group 2
10:00 – Group 3

Starting at 15:00 o’clock

15.00 – Group 1

15.00 – ABC

15.00 – Group 2

15.00 –  Group 3

Starting at 18:00 o’clock

18.00 – Group 1

18.00 – Group 2