Our vision

Since November 2018 we have relocated to the centre of Düsseldorf, to Graf-Adolf Straße 22.

The central position enables us to offer even more of a low-threshold access to language and to our other offers. Hispi aims to be a modern and interesting location where learners and teachers both like to be and profit from. At Hispi we would like to facilitate learning the new language with digital technologies – thus our young colleagues in particular are given a further incentive to contribute with pleasure and benefit themselves. In addition, we would like to continue entering into offers of help and cooperation in the new Hispi, deepening them and thereby strengthening the integration of everyone.

On board in the safe harbour of Hispi are procedural advice, form assistance, Hispi LAB (a project to help apprentices), Art Workshops (cultural office), integration workshops and computer training (powered by Segro).