Sophia::Akademie gGmbH

Achieving more in a joint effort

Our initiative “Hispi, helping with language integration” became part of Sophia::Akademie gGmbH in January 2018 to make our citizens’ initiative more sustainable and entrepreneurial.

“We need educational buildings and educational landscapes that can evolve – learning locations that integrate social, cultural and virtual spaces, as well as time, which we design together and in an agile manner.“

– Dr. Petra Regina Moog –

In 2013 we initiated our first cooperation project with the school construction consultancy M3V Adviespartner from the Netherlands. At the time, our goals were to learn from and with one another, to develop innovative learning environments and to work out a good fit between pedagogy and architecture together with teachers and students. This cooperation in the form of joint excursions, conferences, summer schools, congresses, etc. was very successful. Meanwhile we are co-operating with partners from Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Norway on various projects. In all projects we are committed to the development of high quality, inclusive, healthy and sustainable school buildings.

Current projects:

Erasmus + PULS + (11 partners from D, A, I and CH)

Learning and developing space together – LernRAUMLabore (Space for learning labs)
Sustainable schools need real and digital learning spaces that are flexible in a simple and robust way and in which pedagogy helps to shape the architecture. That is why the Protestant School Foundation wants the EKBO to have innovative learning environments in all of its schools in order to prepare its students well for the 21st century.

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